New Giulia Quad owner


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Greetings fellow Alfa owners.
It is nice to be back in an Alfa again, my last Alfa was a 1995 Alfa 164 Q which I really like in spite of the FWD. After many BMW from 5 series, M4, and
lastly a 2010 M5 which was a real beast and not a good daily driver. My new Alfa is Silverstone with full carbon fiber. Have had the car for 2 months and so far no problems, I use it as a daily driver and it works just fine, a true dual purpose car.
I also have a Ferrari 430 Spyder and it is very obvious that the two cars are closely related, I think the Alfa will keep up with the 430 without a problem, I like the ZF 8 speed auto better than the single clutch 6 speed in the 430. The fit and finish of the Alfa is not as good as the MB but it is close to the BMW.
All in all Alfa did a good job out of the box I just hope they get their dealer network up to speed as they are a long way from the German dealers.