Time to say Hi to another forum...


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Howdy all. New owner and as a past member to several fast car forums, I decided to find a forum where I could hopefully get good intel on a vehicle I know a crap load about on paper, but in reality, well, I know squat. I'm a fairly knowledgeable kinda guy when it comes to the European stuff, but this is a bit new even for me. I've loved the car since it became available on US soil, but just couldn't find the right deal. I finally found one, pretty freakin' good in my eyes, so I had to jump on it.

Anyway, I live in south Texas, however I am not from there. I am from the southeast coast and am in the aviation industry as a technician and engineer. I may be technically inclined, however I will never say I know too much. If I have a question, I am in need of an answer. Pretty simple stuff really. Past toys have included, and some go a bit back into the olden days, but a Lancia, Porsche 911, Boss 302, SRT Jeep, C63 AMG( W204), Shelby GT350, Edge Sport ( I know. I know), and now this. Others on the list but maybe another time. So I usually do all of the mod and upgrade work myself because I don't really trust many folks to work on my vehicles. Anyhow, that's a little of my story. I do have some questions so will go to the appropriate areas and see what I can find out. Thanks.