WTH is up with this infotainment screen???


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Hi all. So I picked up my new toy on December 27 and drove it home with my wife. Yep, she said it was ok. So after returning from a weekend trip, I played around a little with the infotainment center, however some things aren't quite right, and the dealership doesn't have any answers for me. I even called the Alfa Romeo customer service number and the girl just couldn't get past writing down my name, so I just left it alone.

So my issue is this-everytime I power up the QV either in accessory mode or by actually starting the engine, the display for the infotainment center does not power up. I always have to push the power/volume know on the center console to get it to power up. Is this normal? If not how do I get it to power on when the start/stop button is pushed or the engine is started? I've never seen this on any other vehicle and the dealership said they would look at another Giulia and find out what is going on. Just thought I would see if this is standard or a hiccup. Thanks to all for the assist.